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Marble Emporium | How we work page 01 - A 20 years natural stone company | Marble Emporium Sdn Bhd is a trusted company specializing in natural stones. With a reputation for excellence, they offer a wide range of premium marble options sourced globally. Their experienced team provides personalized service and expert advice to ensure customer satisfaction. Marble Emporium is dedicated to deliver quality, craftsmanship, innovative solutions and establishing themselves as an industry leader. Marble Emporium | How we work page 02 - Natural Stones Around the world | MARBLE EMPORIUM SDN BHD imports quality stones from around the world. These are the quarries where most of the famous stones are extracted from. | South America, Turkey, France, Iran, Italy, Oman, Greece, China Marble Emporium | How we work page 03 - Natural Rock Cycle Formed | Natural stone is formed over millions of years through processes like cooling and solidification of molten material (igneous rocks), accumulation and compaction of sediment (sedimentary rocks), or transformation under heat and pressure (metamorphic rocks). These rocks are then extracted and processed into usable forms like slabs or tiles. Marble Emporium | How we work page 04 - Marble Origin - One of the world’s most prized building materials, marble has been used since ancient time found in palaces and monuments now available to general public. It is a metamorphic rock. A metamorphosed limestone that transformed by pressure, heat or intrusion of fluids in millions of years. From the time the stone is formed in the earth to the journey it takes to be extracted, molded and finished to create the desired surface and the cut to suit the selected interior, it is a time-consuming and highly detailed process. Stone quarrying is a multistage process by which rock is extracted from the ground and cut into the required sizes to be used commercially or in homes. Marble Emporium | How we work page 05 - QUARRY PRODUCTION - PROCESS STEP | Stage 1 - Rock to be extracted with the blasting process | Stage 2 - Secondary cutting will be done subsequently using hydraulic diggers and other equipment | Stage 3 - The cut rocks are then sent to the factories for further processing into desired slab or tiles | From stone to the end product - Transforming raw marble stone into an end product (marble countertop, feature wall, flooring) involves selecting the marble, measuring, cutting, shaping, profiling the edges, sanding and polishing, sealing, and professional installation. Marble Emporium | How we work page 06 - Stone types | MARBLE - Marble forms from limestone through a process called metamorphism. formed from limestone through intense heat and pressure, resulting in a harder rock with unique colors & patterns. It is then extracted and used in construction. | GRANITE - Granite is a durable natural stone formed from cooled magma. It consists of quartz, feldspar, and mica, and comes in diverse colors and patterns. It is widely used in construction, thanks to its strength & attractive appearance. | LIMESTONE - Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate. It forms from the remains of marine organisms and comes in different colors. It is widely used in building material decorations due to its versatility. | TRAVERTINE - Travertine is a porous sedimentary rock formed from calcium carbonate in water. It comes in earthy colors and is known for its durability and natural beauty, travertine can be filled or unfilled for different finishes. | QUARTZITE - Quartzite is a durable metamorphic rock formed from sandstone. It consists mostly of quartz grains fused together and comes in various colors. Quartzite is used in construction material due to its heat & scratch resistance. | ONYX - Onyx is a stunning and translucent natural stone formed from minerals in the water, creating distinct bands of colors. It is known for its beauty and can display rich shades of black, brown, white, and various colors & it is translucent by nature. Marble Emporium | How we work page 07 - MOHS Scale (Measurement of Hardness of Gemstone) | Sintered stone - 7.8, Quartzite – 7, Quartz – 7, Granite – 6, Marble – 3, Travertine - 2 / 3 Marble Emporium | How we work page 08 - Available Stone Finishes - Polished finish, Honed finish, Leathered finish -Bush hammered finish, Flamed finish Marble Emporium | How we work page 09 - Single Edge Profile *Unavailable for sintered stone | Shark Nose Edge, Half-Round Edge, Miter Cut Edge, Bullnose Edge, Reversed Chamfer Marble Emporium | How we work page 10 - Double edge profile (*Available for all stone types) | Bevel Edge 1, Bevel Edge 2, Miter Edge, Pencil Round Edge 1, Pencil Round Edge 2, *Unavailable for sintered stone, Bullnose Edge 1, Bullnose Edge 2, Reversed Chamfer, OGee Edge Marble Emporium | How we work page 11 - BEFORE INSTALLATION ISO STANDARD ( SOP )  | 1 - Quotation & Site Measurement, 2 - Cut List Preparation, 3 - Raw Slab Polishing & Cutting, 4 - QC – Touch Up before Packing, 5 - Packing & Delivery Marble Emporium | How we work page 12 - Quotation & Site Measurement | Stage 1: Consultation with stone selection proposal | Stage 2: Quotation with measurement or drawings set given | Stage 3: Site measurement arranged once the order is confirmed with the deposit received | Stage 4: Cut list preparation | For any inquiry, our sales team will provide consultation and quotation if needed. After an order has been confirmed and the deposit received, our dedicated project team will contact our client to schedule the site measurements. Marble Emporium | How we work page 13 - Cut List Preparation - After site measurement, a cutting list is prepared with details such as drawing title, measurements, cutting sizes, stone selection, surface choice, profiling, and site location. This ensures a smooth and professional order process. Installers, salespersons, and clients collaborate to finalize the details before sending them to the fabrication factory. Marble Emporium | How we work page 14 - Cut List Plotting & Final Drawing - Example of plotting drawing for cutting process. All the slabs will be indicated the cutting area and size to ensure the ideal outcome can be delivered. Specified Area marked on the slab for cutting. Final drawings and plotting provide clients with a visual representation of how the marble installation will look from a specific viewpoint, helping them understand the design and make informed decisions. Marble Emporium | How we work page 15 - Cut List Plotting & Final Drawing - Example of the cut list, plotting and final drawing for a wall feature Marble Emporium | How we work page 16 - Cut List Plotting & Final Drawing - Example of cut list plotting and final drawing for flooring Marble Emporium | How we work page 17 - Patterns recommendation - Marble pattern arrangement involves intentionally placing and arranging marble slabs or tiles to create a desired pattern or design on a surface. This can include options like vein matching, bookmatch, random/scattered layouts, herringbone, basketweave, or mosaic patterns. The choice of pattern arrangement depends on the desired aesthetic and the characteristics of the marble. | 1-Choose the marble that suits you., 2-You can place the slabs in a diamond-shaped pattern., 3-You can place the slabs in X-shaped patterns., 4-You can use a kaleidoscope pattern to place the slabs in different ways to achieve even more aesthetic results. Marble Emporium | How we work page 18 - Raw Slab Cutting & Polishing - To summarize, the process of cutting and polishing a raw slab of marble involves marking and cutting the slab to size, shaping it to the desired form, sanding to remove imperfections, and polishing the surface to achieve a smooth and shiny finish. Professional expertise and specialized tools are typically required for optimal results. Each time before stone cutting, ME staff will take note of the slab to ensure all the sizes are cut accurately. Our factory staff with high training proficiency is cutting the stone with Bridge-Type Hydraulic Large-Scale Cutting Machine. Polishing work with the appropriate abrasive stone sequence to optimize the outcome after the slab is cut accurately. Each stone will be polished to the required finishes to achieve the perfect stone appearance before delivery. This is extra work with the time consumed to ensure high quality is maintained. Marble Emporium | How we work page 19 - QC – Touch Up before Packing | After cutting a marble slab, quality control involves inspecting for defects, checking dimensions, assessing surface and edge quality, ensuring color consistency, evaluating structural integrity, and maintaining detailed documentation. These steps help ensure that the cut marble slab meets the desired specifications and is of high quality. Stainless steel inlays are added to strengthen the stone used for countertops and feature wall panels, reducing the risk of cracking. Marble Emporium Sdn Bhd staff quality check cut and polished natural stone surfaces for a perfect appearance. Marble Emporium staff filling the natural pore with epoxy to cover the uneven surface Marble Emporium | How we work page 20 - Packing & Delivery - Once the polished natural stone has undergone quality checks, it is carefully packaged to ensure its protection during transportation. The stone slabs are typically wrapped in protective materials, such as foam or bubble wrap, to prevent scratching, chipping, or other damage. The packaged stone slabs are carefully unloaded and brought to the designated area. It is crucial to handle the slabs with care to avoid any accidental damage. Marble Emporium | How we work page 21 - Installation process - Unloading To The Site - Stone unloading from the truck required high professionalism to ensure the heavy stone is delivered safely to the site. | Leveling During Installation - Leveling is a step where there are two pieces of stone joined together to make the joint nearly invisible while two slabs can fit perfectly. | Site Cleaning Before Handover - Each time our staff will take note of the slab to ensure all the sizes are cut accurately. Marble Emporium | How we work page 22 - Our staff installer/technician - Understanding the detail matters to a high standard item, marble emporium foreseen the requirement needed which is to hire and train a group of local staff that can work worry-free pass their skill and knowledge. Marble Emporium | How we work page 23 - Materials for work - Adhesive Cement ( Bostik Maxiflex My ) - High-strength powdered adhesive, Hydrates chemical cure, Non-toxic, No odor. | Marble Glue ( Tenax Tixo EX Knife Grade ) - Cures fast and bonds extremely strong, safe for all kinds of stones, Durables for years as the stone, Great transparent color, Easy to color. | Impregnator Sealant ( Dribond Microseal ) - Long-lasting, given years of protection, Quick acting, will repeal water in 2- 4 hours, Will not darken or yellow in age, Easy to color

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